Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mr. Happy strikes again

While I've never really described in detail some of the stunts he's pulled, I've spoken briefly of Mr. Happy before. I've had little trouble with him lately (at least, he hasn't been turning off my power whenever the mood strikes him), but last night I heard a story from my new neighbours about his latest antics. I shake my head in wonder...

Last night the new neighbours were having trouble with the power in their apartment. (I'll admit, my first instinct was to wonder if Mr. Happy had anything to do with it, given my experiences and my knowledge that he has more control over the other apartments than a regular tenant should.) They do not have phone service yet, so they asked if I could call our landlord and ask him to investigate. I did, and he said he would ask Mr. Happy to check things out. When I relayed this information to the neighbours, the woman said, "Oh, he's the guy who keeps flushing."

I must have looked confused, because she went on to tell me that the past few days he'd been flushing the toilet repeatedly whenever she or her kids took a shower. There was a leak of some kind, and rather than having it fixed or at least letting them know, he spent his time standing in the bathroom, flushing his toilet until they got out. (This guy gets off by trying to intimidate women and kids - in this apartment he gets both.)

Again, I have to shake my head in wonder. I have moved beyond contempt for him and into pity - it must be a sad life he's leading. I also feel sorry for whoever is moving into my apartment next week...


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